Drill Down Visualization

Hello Team,

I am looking for creating a drill down , where i will have a hierarchical data in json format.
for example

> {
> "Name":"L1",
>   "level1":[
>         {
>            "Name":"L2",
>             "level2":[
>                   {
>                      "Name":"Ln",
>                       "leveln":[
>                        ]
>            ]
>         },
>       ]
> }

each level will have one or more records, and levels could grow and shrink dynamically , so i need to create a drill down chart from level 1 to n-1 , based on number of sub levels a particular level has.. if i click on level 1 it would show details of level 2 and on click of level 2 it would show details on level 3 ..
upto n-1

could you please help me understand is there any out of the box visualization
currently i am using kibana 7.5

Thank you for your help and support.

Thank you,

You can configure drilldowns manually starting in Kibana 7.8. The feature you're requesting is not currently available. https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/7.8/drilldowns.html

Thank you @wylie for your reply.. actually the problem is the list is dynamic and here we wont be able to create multiple dashboards, i was looking for generating dynamic view.. based on the selection.

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