Drop first bucket in visual builder aggregation


I've seen the post: Dropping first point sum aggregation visual builder and I wonder if there are any updates on being able to drop the first aggregation bucket that distorts the graph, similarly to the way you can drop the last bucket through Panel Options --> Drop Last Bucket → Yes.

This creates the unpleasant issue of not being able to calculate an accurate average across all the buckets.



OK, so I found a partial solution.

Instead of using a fixed time interval, I used a dynamic one.

In other words, instead of:

(30 min x 60 seconds ) / (max_metric - min_metric)

I did:

(max_timestamp - min_timestamp) / (max_metric - min_metric)

This somewhat took care of this first partial bucket that was distorting the results.

Still, the first bucket keeps oscillating a bit and sometimes throws an error about division by zero. Think it would be good to have an option to drop the first bucket similar to what exists for the last one.

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