Visual Builder - True 24hr intervals instead of starting at midnight

I'm working on a Visual Builder that ultimately displays a ratio between the count of documents submitted in the current 24 hour bucket and the moving average of the previous thirty 24-hour buckets. My interval on 'Panel Options' is set to 24h. The issue I'm encountering is that the bucket appear to be dividing on the end of the calendar day at midnight instead of now-24h, now-48h, now-72h etc.

The reason I want to use this kind of bucket division is that the current calendar day will be a partial bucket and so the ratio is always less than 1 until the day ends. I want to actually compare the rate for the last 24 hours to an average value of previous 24 hour intervals to see if the documents are being submitted faster or slower than average.

The final ratio is calculated using Math - divide(param.Raw,param.MA)

Here are some screenshots of what I have so far, I hope I've explained it alright.


I found a better way to do this by taking the derivative of a moving average and using that to display a rate of change. Changing the interval size and moving average window lets me dial in the sensitivity.

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