Changing weekly interval in Visual Builder

I am trying to create a graph with the Visual Builder with weekly intervals. The weekly interval that interests us starts on Sunday and not Monday (which is what the graph is currently doing).
I've also built a number of Line and Data Table visualizations with a date histogram on the X axis, and for those visualizations I was able to specify {"offset":"6d"} in order to adjust the weekly intervals to begin on Sundays.
What would be the right way to achieve this with the Visual Builder?
I've seen a few posts here about the "Offset series time by.." option, but adding the offset there only changes the intervals without actually calculating the metric per the new interval. For example, when I offset by 1 day the weekly interval starts on Tuesday, but the metric at that point has the same value as the metric on Monday without the offset. As opposed to the other visualizations, where the metrics change per the new interval.

Thanks a bunch!!


Unfortunately this isn't possible right now as we can't upload a custom json with offset in it to time-series yet.

Sorry :slight_smile:


Hi Bhavya,
Thanks for the prompt response.
I'm trying to use the Visual Builder in order to plot the division of two aggregations (Show column as percentage of another column), is there anyway to achieve something similar with an offset? :slight_smile:


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