How to map sorted values on x-axis to integers

For instance, if I have a set of dates on X-axis starting from June-1-2018 to July-3-2018, I want instead to show the values from 1 - 32

The actual usecase is as follows - I want to use Split Series feature to compare data sets from two different date ranges, on top of each other

Say I have a curve X for all dates, and I want to superimpose curve X at month of June on top of curve X at month of September, how can I do it using a Visualization? (I figured a split-series combined with above mapping should achieve it, but I don't know how to achieve the mapping)

The easiest way would be to use either Timelion or the Visual Builder for this.

Here's one post where a user is doing the offset in Timelion;

And a tutorial here which includes offset time;

And here's some info on the Time Series Visual Builder which can also do offsets;


Thanks for the response!

I'm wondering if it's possible as part of a shared dashboard/visualization

Yes, Timelion and the Visual Builder both save Visualizations that can be shared or used in Dashboards.

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