Week on Week Comparison

Looking for week on week comparison (Period on period comparison to be more generic) for in depth analysis and analysis of deviations from expected behaviour.

Expected behaviour:
Given a line graph visualization and selected time period.
We shall have ability to add another line showing the same metric but for same time duration but shifted by the time period length selected.
For example : If a week is selected till today(now-1w/w to now) and the metric on graph is "Count", we shall have the ability to add another line for the last week (now-2w/w to now-1w/w) on the same visualization.

Is there already a way to do this if not are there any workarounds?

Got it resolved using Visual Builder where we can add a series and shift the time period in units of m,h,d,w though obtaining shift interval on the basis of the time interval selected is still an issue.

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awesome. Thanks for keeping us posted.


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