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I am using Time series in Visual Builder.
In Panel Option, the time interval is set to auto.

Time Filter is set to "Today" or "Last 15 minutes" in Kibana.

One line chart includes sum aggregation of a field (Eg. Money Count).

I want to overlay 90 days moving average on top of the line chart. So using another series, which includes sum again in parent aggregation and moving average. Here I want to set window for 90 days. Window option in moving average suggests it must be a number. So I think I must define days as the interval in Panel Option.

While I define 1d in interval in Panel Option, I am getting Fatal Error: Error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined
I do not get this error when I select Time Filter in Kibana more than 1 day.

Is there a way to get 90 days moving average when I am viewing Time series when Time Filter in Kibana is Last 15 minutes? Am I doing something wrong here?

(Lee Drengenberg) #2

I don't think you can get a 90 day rolling average when you have the time picker set to something less than that.

But if you want to paste a screenshot of what you have I could try it or see if I can come up with an alternate solution.


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Hi Lee,
Thanks for the reply.

Hridaya S

(Ayadirh) #4

Hi Lee,

Any Updates?


(Lee Drengenberg) #5

Hi Hridaya,

Sorry, nothing new to report. You can't get a 90 day rolling average unless your timepicker is set to at least 90 days.

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