Visualbuilder - Change data shown "per x minutes"?


I have some data coming in at 5 minute intervals and some visualbuilder graphs to display the data. However once I show more than 12 hours of data, the title below the graph goes from "per 5 minutes" to "per 10 minutes" for 24 hours etc.

Is there any way to set at what point data will be grouped together? I don't need the graphs to display at 5 minute intervals when I plot 3 months of data but it would be nice if I could get data to show at 5 minute intervals for 24 ~ 48 hours.

By default Visual Builder interval is set to auto, but you can set a custom interval in Panel Options. Custom 5m interval show here:

That will cause problems when you select larger time frames because the maximum buckets will be exceeded. This is why I got it set to >=5m.

What I would like is to draw the graph as close to 5 minutes as possible within the allowed amount of buckets.

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