Visual builder interval vs date filter


I'm using visual builder to build a table since I need to use the filter ratio.

My problem is when adding the visual builder table to a dashboard, since the interval (auto) of the visual builder is different of the time filter of the dashboard.

For example the dashboard is set to 1 month while the visual builder is autoing to 12h.

Is there anyway to make the visual builder interval the same than the dashboard time filter?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ayden,

By default, with your visual builder interval set to auto, the dashboard will try to update to an interval that makes the most sense based on the timerange you have selected. If you override the interval in the visualization, it will always display at that interval, regardless of the dashboard time filter settings, but I don't believe there is a way to change those "smart" defaults that the dashboard applies.

For a one-month time range, you are right that it will typically set the interval to 12h. You could set this to 1d in the visualization, but then of course it wouldn't change when shifting the time window in the dashboard

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