Visual Builder - Value for template that matches auto-scaled interval

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Hoping someone can help - in Visual Builder there's a Template field to allow you to change or manipulate the values in the Legend on the graph. I'd like to be able to put an auto-scaling value in there which is based on the value in the Interval box - particularly useful when this reads "auto" as a value. For example, if someone's looking at the graph for the last 15 minutes then it's going to be seconds, whereas if someone looks at a graph for the last 24 hrs it's likely to be in 10 minute intervals. Is there a mustache command or series of mustache values that can be used to determine what the basis for the value is?

e.g. {{value}} / {{IntervalAutoValue}}

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Marcus Webb

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Hello Marcus, I don't think there's any such variable available, please consider putting in an enhancement request in the repo, mentioning TSVB. Some examples or mocks would be useful, because, while sometimes there'd be no ambiguity (eg. if the filter is an intra-hour one, then numbers can mean minutes) there are situations where the meaning of numbers would be ambiguous to the viewer.

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