Duplicate node on Kibana UI with elasticsearch 6.8.10

Kibana UI is showing duplicate node with status offline, when the elasticsearch 6.8.10 node restarted. It disappeared after 30 mins and new one came online, started copying shards from 0.

There is warning in logs-
2021-03-02T03:26:50,901][WARN ][o.e.c.s.ClusterApplierService] [scynbm101-1] cluster state applier task [apply cluster state (from master [master {scynbm99-5}{6jX06JZrQZKhsRcNqQ3h4g}{E9bh6jKXRwaXiKX3RpyuUA}{}{XXX9304}{xpack.installed=true} committed version [369691]])] took [47.1s] above the warn threshold of 30s


Can you please post a screenshot of where you are seeing this? What is your ES/Kibana config setup? Is your Kibana connected to multiple nodes?

Thank you

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