Dynamic Baseline

I need to create a dynamic baseline which is based on the average of the field transaction.duration.us of the previous month. I have tried to create a runtime field, but the fact that the data is located in seperated docs as histogram data causes trouble for aggregation. I am also tempted to use transforms, but if I understand it right - the destination index cant be of the same index template as the source index. This will cause trouble when I will display graphs in Kibana. Do you have any recommendations on how I can proceed with this issue?

Hi @Rbb.

Are you trying to create this baseline in a visualization? Lens supports custom formulas that have a shift parameter that can aggregate over a different period.

I also want to split the data into several graphs and visualize the top 5 most visited pages(rum).
I have up to now used aggregation based visualization. Is it possible to split it like this with lens as well?

Hi @Rbb.

Sure, you can add the page url field to the Breakdown section in the Lens editor.

I want each page to be an individual graph as one can do by the split chart function in the aggregation based visualizations. I cant get the Breakdown feature to do that, can I?

I found this related post: Kibana Lens split chart.
Is this still the case? If so is there any way to both get the dynamic baseline and splitting charts?

Hi @Rbb.

Sorry, no, we currently don't have the ability to split charts in Lens. Here is the feature request tracking this.

I don't think there is a way to have both a time-shifted baseline and split charts in the same visualization in Kibana.

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