Dynamic range and Histogram function

Hi, I'm new to Kibana and this is my first time creating visualizations in Kibana so I need a little help. My dataset is pretty simple and I do not have a timestamp field. One of the fields is "price" and I wanted to create a histogram to have a dynamic range for the prices but when I go to "Break down by" the only functions I get are Date histogram, Filters and Top values. Aren't I supposed to have another function called just Histogram (that I have seen in a tutorial) or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @kibanauser4 ,

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The Interval function for Break down by has been introduced in Lens since the version 7.10: Kibana 7.10.0 | Kibana Guide [7.10] | Elastic

What version of the stack are you using?

I am using v 7.15.1

Can you post a screenshot of the Break down panel?

This is how it should look:

Oh god, I think I have made a big mistake. I just realized that all of the fields (except the date ones) are saved as string. Even the integer ones such as price for example. Maybe that's the reason why it's not showing me the Intervals function?

Yes. Lens looks at all field (available and empty) types and shows only useful functions for them.
If you have 0 fields compatible for Intervals it won't show the function at all.

I see. Thank you!

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