Dynamic .kibana index name


We would like to have personal .kibana indices per user (and per group).
We used to achieve this using a patched version of kibana that will use a HTTP header instead of the fixed .kibana name. Obviously, it's hard to keep up with the fast pace at which the codebase is evolving, and we'd like to have this upstream.

My question is: will you accept a pull-request with configurable kibana-index-name?

More specifically, would you prefer it to be a:

  • HTTP header
  • query parameter


UPDATE: There is now a Search Guard 5 solution to this \o/

You can customize the index name in kibana.yml config file. Would this be sufficient for your use case?


Default: ".kibana" Kibana uses an index in Elasticsearch to store saved searches, visualizations and` dashboards. Kibana creates a new index if the index doesn’t already exist.

Hi Stacey,

No, this is not sufficient for our use-case: it would require one instance of kibana per user, which is insane (we have 5000 users) :slight_smile:

I also need for this feature

for things like this i suggest to use github. if you already have a code ready submit a pull request and discussion will start around that. else create an issue.

in both cases don't forget to describe well what your use case is, why is this so critical to you and why we want it in the main code base (so it should be something others will be able to use as well.)

Thanks, I was considering github, but there's so many issues/PRs that I preferred to validate my use case first. If you believe it's something other people might be interested in, I will give it a shot.

PS: we already have a working patch for kibana4 that uses a HTTP header as kibana index name

+1 we would love this.

Right now we're playing around with https://github.com/wtakase/kibana-own-home but it seems like a hack. Would be better to have this functionality integrated into the code.

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