Default index per-user?

Is it possible to configure Kibana to display a specific index for specified users?

We have multiple indices and multiple users. User A needs to only see index A, and user B only needs to see index B. I've got the permissions configured using LDAP & group mapping, but at the moment when user A logs in they just get an error that the default index does not exist (it does but they don't have access to it). I could make index A the default but then User B would get the same problem.
Does this make sense? It seems like a basic requirement.

(note: I have seen the following discussion but it doesn't help - Index_not_found_exception for Shield protected ES/Kibana user with Kibana trying to lookup the default index of the previous logged in user )

No, KB doesn't handle multitenancy like this at all for now.

As a small update to this...
I created a dummy index named "welcome" and added one entry with a "message" field containing some text like "Please select an index". In Kibana, I set this as the default index which sort of gets around the issue.

I've now set up the roles so that users can only access specific indices that they need. However the next issue is that all indices are listed in the drop-down on the top left, even those that the user doesn't have access to. This wouldn't be too much of a problem but if a user selects an index they don't have access to, they get a standard error response which isn't very friendly to users.

I suspect it's not possible, but is there any way to either only list indices that they user has access to, or make the "index not found" error look a bit more friendly (or re-direct somewhere else)?

Any suggestions for workarounds gratefully received :slight_smile: