Dynamic range in Kibana chart axis

I have found some previous questions about this, but nothing from recent versions, and all just enough different that they don't apply.

To dumb it way down, I want my Kibana Vega-Lite line chart to have a dynamic y-axis min/max, depending on the set of data in the result. Simple example: sometimes my data goes from 100 - 500, other times it's 2500-4500, etc. I don't want the line chart to be hardcoded to go from 0 to N. I think I have this right, that the DATA is the domain and the rendered visual boundaries are the range. So I think I'm asking to set the range dynamically based on the data.

I think this documentation is close to what I want. Setting the range based on values in a field. (docs say range can be of type FieldRange but with no further mention of what exactly that is)

EXAMPLE: I used the line chart example in vega (lite) editor and have this dumbed down example to show the problem.
-- Uncomment the line below //TRYING THIS, and get error to see it

Goal is to have the Y axis for this particular data start at say 100 instead of the default 0, and not have to guess or hardcode the axis limits.

Anybody have a good way to set the Y axis dynamically?

AFAICT you have identified a legitimate bug in Vega-Lite.

Vega-Lite specs compile down to Vega specs and you've found a case that they're getting wrong.

To see what I mean, take your example, uncomment the problematic line, click "Compiled Vega," and then "Edit Vega Spec." You should see the following

As you can see from the docs, "range" in Vega is not allowed to look anything like this. I'd recommend filing an issue with the Vega-Lite project.

I'm pretty certain any workaround would involve writing your visualization in Vega instead of Vega-Lite. I thought maybe I could define a Vega signal to represent the minimum value since signal references are allowed in the "range" but no luck on my end. Will follow up if anything else occurs to me.