Dynamic Watcher for Memory Metrics


I need to create a Dynamic watcher for below two metrics

# jolokia.jvm.memory.heap.max 8,589,934,592
# jolokia.jvm.memory.heap.used 1,090,388,992

I need an watcher alert when jolokia.jvm.memory.heap.used reaches 85% of jolokia.jvm.memory.heap.max ( which will be dynamic)

I tried with " Create Threshold Alert" option, however I do not see an option to choose jolokia.jvm.memory.heap.max as Matching Condition (see attached screenshot)

I believe we can do this by Advanced Watcher, need your help on creating that

Matching the following condition

WHEN average()

OF jolokia.jvm.memory.heap.used

OVER all documents

IS ABOVE 1825361100

FOR THE LAST 15 minutes

Yes, this can be done with an advanced watcher. My suggestion is to take the JSON version of the watcher query and then modify it by adding a second metric, not just average. Then you can change the condition to divide the two metrics instead of using a static parameter.

Do you have any readily available JSON file for any of Dynamic metrics ? It would be a great help if share it with me

I don't, but I can help you debug the advanced watcher after you try the technique I mentioned above of copy+pasting the existing query

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