Dynamically graphs in kibana for Nagios perf data

There is a perf date from Nagios(monitoring, network monitoring, server and applications monitoring).
How can I dynamically draw widgets so that when I add a new metric (service) from a new server, it is added to the previous graphs?

Hi Tatiana,

Kibana uses a mechanism called index patterns to dynamically aggregate data from multiple indices. If you were to index your data into multiple indices and then create a pattern that matches them, you could create a visualization using that index pattern and it would represent all of the data contained by all of those indices.

For example, let's say you have an index called "metric-1". You could create an index pattern called "metric-*". Then let's say you create a chart using that index pattern. If you were to add a new index called "metric-2", then the wildcard contained by that index pattern will allow it to match the new "metric-2" index. If you refresh the chart you created, you'll see it contains data from both "metric-1" and "metric-2".

I hope this helps,

Thanks for the info!
The task consists in another, it is necessary to draw the universal schedule on all monitoring services on different fields. Those, something like an autodiscover.

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