Creating dynamic dashboard with kibana 4.4

Hi all,

I am using kibana 4.4.2 and ES 2.2.0 and I would likes to create a "dynamic" dashboard; means that , I want to generate many dashboard based on a query result. For example, I would like to query one of my available fields named "cpu.system", and then draw a date histogram on my dashboard for each of those values.
Please what is the recommended way to query ES from within a dashboard? can kibana 4 accept a script?

Thanks in advance.

There's not an API yet for creating visualizations and dashboards.

You can write documents to the .kibana index so it's possible to create things programmatically but that's rather difficult and not recommended.

But, maybe you can just create one histogram that is split by the cpu.system field.

For example, in this screenshot I did a Date Histogram and then split it by extension. It will be dynamic in that if new extensions are in the data in the future they will appear in this chart. Does that help?

Thanks a lot @LeeDr for you quit reply. Please can you explain more what do you means by : "write documents to the .kibana index" ?

Here's a repo which creates Index patterns, Saved Searches, Visualizations, and Dashboards by writing them to the .kibana index in Elasticsearch;

Those are not dynamic. It writes the same static set of objects every time. And again, this is NOT a documented or supported method.


Timelion may satisfy your needs

Hi ,

Thanks again for all reply.
@LeeDr like you say is not dynamic and It isn't for my issue.
@anhlqn I just installed Timelion plugin, and started playing with it, but I notice that I always have to change query in the search bar to see another set of data display into the graph ; and I don't want to solve my issue like that.

Please I want to have( if it is possible with kibana4) a script that will dynamically get available fields from my index and then draw a define graph on my dashboard for each field or set of fields.

Any help will be appreciate.

Per Timelion, you can add as many graphs as you want and save all of them into a dashboard.

I still don't understand your original question. Do you have different field names across your indexes? Do you mean that you frequently have new field names in your new indexes? Could you elaborate your usage?

Thank you again @anhlqn for the interest that you have about my concern

My basic problem is this: I want to know if it is possible to automatically create indexes in Kibana 4.2.2 (without going through the settings menu), if so, how to do it?. My aim is to create a dashboard automatically when a certain type of log is generated.

Thanks in advance