Easiest way to add button in Kibana

I am trying to do the following:

  • have a table of documents (like data table or serach table visualization on dashboard)
  • every row should have a button to insert text (comments) to the document
  • when user clicks on the button (or insert text somehow), it will be store in document corresponding to row document

What would be the easiest way how to achieve it?


you will need to write a custom table and editing plugin for this. Kibana is meant to be view only at the moment for documents, so there is no build in editing functionality. If you want to build something like this, the best way to start is having a look at the plugin docs and at the source code.

Though you should be aware, that you will require good JavaScript, Node, Angular (and maybe React) knowledge for this.


Thank you, @timroes. I hoped there will be easier way then develop my own plugin. I will try it.


please also always feel free to open a feature request on GitHub for features you would like to see in upcoming versions.

That way you can easily track possible progress or decisions around those features.


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