Document table and views customizations

Hi Kibana Team. As a first thing I would like to thank you for this great product.

I would like to ask you, if it is possible to add action buttons or links with my own JS function, to every displayed record in dashboard using saved search showing my elastic data. For example:

Id Name Actions

1 Peter [Open Facebook profile] [Open LinkedIn]

2 Martin [Open Facebook profile] [Open LinkedIn]

After action it should run my custom JS which for example open it to new window. Of course I have FB and LinkedIn links in my data.

My second question is if it is possible to customize view of document’s fields data, showing after clicking the Expand button |> on the left of the document’s table entry. For exmaple change Table appearance or add my own view to Table and JSOM tabs.

I am newbie in Kibana, so sorry if it is dumb question. :slight_smile:


Hey Martin, for security reasons we don't support executing javascript on fields. Field formatters are available visible to all users, and we don't want something malicious executing. You can use the url field formatter to provide a link.

The document and JSON views are not customizable unless you fork Kibana. Which is an option if you're interested, although it may make updating future versions difficult. You can add your own view as a plugin using the docViews type. is a community plugin that you may be able to use as a model. I haven't dug into it so use at your own risk but it looks along the same lines. We have plugin docs and contributing docs at if you want to look deeper.

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