Modifying Discover page with plugin

Hi everybody.

I have questions about the potential of modifying the Discover page using the plugin.

I read some old topics related to my challenge, which revealed that the maximum that can be done is to add a new tab to the expanded document to customize documents data presentation.

I am mostly interested in a couple of cases that give a lot of possibilities a huge amount of features.
Is it possible to add custom controls there? Something like a custom toolbar under the filters. Also, I’m interested in expanding the top menu (New, Save, Open…) with the custom items. Actually, the first case would be enough.

In general, I need to understand whether such customization is possible or not, and maybe I should make my own application inside the Kibana, partially reproducing the functionality of the Discover page.

Thanks for any of your expertise!

Hi and welcome to our community @Introverrso

You're right, you can just extend the expanded document view with custom views. For more customization you'd need to create you own application. I'm interested, what kind of additional functionality would you like to have in Discover?

Thanks for you feedback!

Thank you, Matthias!

Since we are using our own service instead of Beats&Logstash, we need to have some control over it. Specify sources, manage shipping, import/export logs. Not so much, actually :slight_smile:

Considering that the Discover page could be quite enough as a log-viewer, there was a little hope that it could be just expanded with a couple of fields and buttons and stayed within a single page.

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