Is there any way to implement Discover as a Custom Plugin?


I want to create an Discover Plugin as Custom Plugin for separate Modifications.
Can you please share your thoughts here.



One approach is to fork kibana, apply your adjustments and then build it with your changes. This way you can pull the latest changes and submit PR for any suggested enhancements in the discover page itself.

You can also create your own custom plugin and then set your plugin id as the default app to open when opening kibana in the kibana.yml file

kibana.defaultAppId: "my_new_discover"

The source code for discover lives here:

You can check the kibana plugin development guide to get started creating a custom plugin:

Thank you for the response.

But I need few doubts here :-

i) First thing i need to clarify : Basically i need two similar discover plugins. One is default and other is custom. So I am not going to make any changes in default i need to change in custom.

ii) And you have shared the source code link . Currently i am using 7.6.1 i tried to put the source code what you have shared but some files are missing compared to 7.6.1 throws an error.

iii) So Instead of doing this did i put exact exact version of code ??

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