How to generate multiple of Discover Plugin in Kibana 7.6


Is it Possible to add Discover plugin into Custom plugins or Can we generate multiple Discover Plugins in the Kibana 7.6.
I want to add some extra functionality and that should be separate as Default Discover.


Not sure why you can't.

Just take the source code and build a new plugin with it and make the modifications you want.

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@aaron_nimocks: Thank you for the response.

But I would like to know Is i need to install the discover through ./bin/kibana-plugin install ...................... like this (or) need to create a new plugin and paste into that.
can you please tell me the steps for the process.

Thank you

There is a lot of steps. But in short I would generate a new plugin and replace the relevant code.

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Thanks a lot @aaron_nimocks :slight_smile:

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