Using discover plugin in kibana custom plugin

HI, I am trying to make a discover page like event table in my custom plug-in.
Is it possible ? What is the best way to proceed ?


You can follow through this document External plugin development | Kibana Guide [8.4] | Elastic and come back here for more help.

Some discuss posts on this topic: Kibana plugin development resources - #3 by Ahmad_Abulhouf

hi, had a look at the links you provided, What my requirement is to like include discover page in my custom plugin

Hi @eshnajain. I think you may want to use the Discover saved search embeddable in your custom plugin. The embeddable only works with a saved search saved object.

I recommend reading more about embeddables here and checking out the Embeddables explorer code and UI in the Developer examples by running yarn start --run-examples.

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