Customization of Discover Page (Doc Table)


I want to customize Doc Table‌ on the Discover page.

Requirement: I want to implement for selecting and multi-selecting all table fields using the check boxes and the data should come when selecting the check boxes. Here I attached the sample screenshot.

Please try to share your thoughts here, it will be very helpful for me !!


Hi @rashmi, @mattkime
If you are familiar with this functionality can you please share your thoughts.

Or can you provide me with someone who is familiar with this functionality on the Kibana team?


@Akhil_Kaithoju - So you want a way to select documents - what do you want to do with the selected documents?

Yes. I need to select all the documents and i want to update some extra fields into the documents through front-end.
using _update_by_query

Kibana provides limited functionality to update documents. How many and how often do you need to update documents?

What is the limit?
I want to update millions of records and its daily usage

Thats significant - probably best to find a way to write some code that solves this problem.

Is it necessary for the user to individually select documents that need to be updated?

Update by query might be useful -

Yes, User should be able to select individual documents and select all the documents at a time using "select All" functionality.

Right Now the doctable code was written in different different components . I am not able to implement "select All" functionality

And Is there any way to implement Discover as a custom plugin because i don't want to disturb Default thing


If you need a user interface, then you'll need to create a custom plugin. Here are some example plugins to get you started -

That should be very complex. Is there any way to create directly ?

There isn't a way to modify discover directly.

So, should I write from scratch?

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