Hide "Look inside document" from saved search


I need a simple visualization to show the last records of an index, but only show certain fields.

I'm able to do it using "Save search" but I want to disable the button to "look inside the document" because I dont want the other fields to be seen.

Is that possible?.

I couldn't find an efficient way to do it using tables, because aggregating by ID to show a list of unique values sounds like a bad idea.

Any advice? thanks

Hey @Gustavo_Llermaly,

Take a look at using a simple Data Table in Canvas. You can pretty easily pull a list of documents and show only specific columns, which sounds like what you want.


Hello @brianseeders ,

Thanks!, thats what I need. My problem is that view is part of a Dashboard and seems like you cant add Canvas views to a Dashboard, I'm wrong?

I spent some time trying without success. Do I have any other alternative? Thanks again

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