ECK 2.6.1 node shutdown for invoice optimization


I'm running an ECK 2.6.1 elastic cluster in a non-prod k8s cluster which has a Horizontal Node Autoscale rule based on CPU+RAM metrics.
Is it possible to shutdown elastic nodes on Friday night and start them back up on Monday morning ? By doing so the autoscaler kicks in and downsize the k8s cluster and thus the invoice for the resources which elastic eats up will be lower ?

Why I don't want to spin up another weekly cluster is the fact that I lose data gathered previously. With VMs this is simple to achieve.

I'm not sure if this is the best way to achieve your goal, but in theory, you could create 2 Kubernetes cronjobs, one that runs on Friday nights, and one on Monday mornings. Each job could run something like kubectl patch or kustomize to update the ElasticsearchAutoscaler resource to meet your desired scales for weekends.

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