Edit kibana objects by modifying files?

Hi all.
Is there any way to add new/edit existing searches/visualizations/dashboards by editing files?
I don't like clicking mouse if i want to create a lot of graphs, it's better to edit config files of them.
Thanks (and sorry for my English ^^)

All saved searches, visualizations, dashboards are indexed into Elasticsearch under the .kibana index. You can index directly into ES if you'd like or you could go to the Settings > Objects in Kibana and edit saved searches/visualizations/dashboards there (but you won't be able to create them there).

Thanks, but how can I add new searches/graphics using elasticsearch?

You can add them to the .kibana index with the caveat that you'd need to know the proper fields and options. You can use previously indexed searches/visualizations/dashboards to figure that out though.