Editing a managed policy can break Kibana

Just upgraded a Cloud deployment to 8.3.1 ...

I'm still working on tuning usage, to try to figure out how to ensure that we're using resources efficiently. I've been looking at storage usage, and using lifecycle policies to move shards/indexes off of hot nodes in a reasonable amount of time (for a small team). I'm looking at the underlying indexes to determine usage and retention. I've gotten to the metrics data streams, and was looking to edit the metrics lifecycle policy and - I think this is new with 8.3.1 - there's a rather attention-getting message

Editing a managed policy can break Kibana

My experience has been that there are so many ways to break things that when there's an actual explicit warning I'm not going to touch this configuration, but can anyone shed light on what one can do to manage data retention and residency "safely"?

Haven't been able to find an explanation in the docs, if I've missed something I'd be grateful to be pointed in the right direction.

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