Editing field values in index?

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Kibana is a great tool. We are using the "Discover" function a lot for doing quick and simple searches in our index. From time to time we need to change a field value (e.g. correcting some original values).

Is there a view or plugin for Kibana which allows to change value directly inside the index (this would include editing the _source field and doing re-indexing behind the scene). Sure you can do it with the Kibana DevTools, but we are searching a nice to use tool for non-developers. The "Discover" view is perfect ... but it's read-only.....

Thanks and Happy New Year

(Stacey Gammon) #2

Unfortunately, not at this time. You may want to track this enhancement suggestion however, as it includes an editing view in the discover tab.

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Thanks Stacey. I think there is no timeline for implementing this feature, right?

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You are correct, there is no current timeline. You can add a +1/thumbs up to the issue though to help it gain exposure. We do take into account issue and feature popularity when planning our road maps!

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