Elastic Agent is healthy but no datastream display in Fleet Server

Hello & Greetings all!

I have successfully install Elastic agent (7.16.2) inside my Elasticsearch cluster but did not receive data stream output from the Elastic agent itself.

After some troubleshooting for the installation, I just use these line to install the agent and it works

.\elastic-agent.exe install --url=https://192.168.xx.xx:8220 `
  --fleet-server-es=https://192.168.xx.xx:9200 `
  --fleet-server-service-token= <fleet-server-service-token> `
  --fleet-server-policy=<fleet-server-policy> `

Is there any addition configuration needed to be done for the Elastic Agent to display the datastream?


Check Elasticsearch logs to see if there is a ssl/cert error

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