No data streams and logs under fleet server

Hey everyone.

I have configured fleet server but I can not see any log messages or data streams in the Kibana UI.

Elasticsearch nodes are configured with SSL (with elasticsearch-certutil) and fleet-server is using the elasticsearch-ca.pem and their certificates gererated.

The fleet server is in healthy status but I can not see nothing in Kibana.

Under Elasticsearch logs I can see

[WARN ][o.e.h.AbstractHttpServerTransport] [rd1plelkapp01.rededor.corp] caught exception while handling client http traffic, closing connection Netty4HttpChannel{localAddress=/<es-node1-ip>:9200, remoteAddress=/<fleet-ip>:47764}
io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: Received fatal alert: bad_certificate

But I do not know what is supposed to do since the certificate used is the what Elasticsearch generated and fleet is in green status.

In fleet logs I see

Failed to render configuration with latest context from composable controller: operator: failed to execute step sc-run, error: context canceled: context canceled","ecs.version":"1.6.0"}

Also I am using the Airg-grapped approach with EPR.

Any ideas?

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