Elastic Agent Prometheus integration stopped working in 7.14

Since v 7.14 my prometheus integration seems to have stopped working. I'm using the api/v1/query endpoint of Prometheus and can poll it using curl but the integration seems to have stopped working...

This is in the logs when I change the polling frequency (should update something):

[elastic_agent][info] operation 'operation-install' skipped for metricbeat.7.14.0

I also see

[elastic_agent][warn] failed to ack update open /opt/Elastic/Agent/data/.update-marker: no such file or directory

I deleted the agent and re-installed and I am seeing this in the logs :

pipeline with id [metrics-prometheus.query-0.3.2] does not exist"

The pipeline should be created automatically correct? Any ideas?


I've fixed this by upgrading the Prometheus integration (wasn't sure this was a thing before!)

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