Elastic basic version - visualize bulk data aggregations in Tableau

Hi All

We plan to leverage Tableau for visualization of large data indexed in Elasticsearch basic version.
Need help with options to aggregate huge data from elasticsearch & visualize within Tableau.

Explored ODBC/JDBC/ES connector options, but these require upgrade ES to Platinum version.


In the basic version you need to use Kibana for visualizing. For tableau you need to upgrade to platinum.

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Thanks Felix for your response.

In fact, I am trying to connect using "Elasticsearch by Elastic" connector, by enabling security with basic version. Created password for built-in users "elastic", "kibana".
After click of Sign-in, no error is shown, but I see error at datasource section in worksheet - "There was problem connecting to datasource. Try editing the datasource."

Not much info from Tableau Repository logs as well.

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