Elastic CEF integration.. no messages to elasticsearch

Hi, team
I am using ELK 8.9. Also while i am looking into the integration, at the cef integration part after the configuration i am only getting these errors

failed to get tcp6 stats from /proc: /proc/net/tcp6 entry not found for [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:ABC]

failed to get udp6 stats from /proc: /proc/net/udp6 entry not found for [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:ABC]

I checked for the file permissions >> all okey

What causing this problem?

Hi Anand,

This could be a system configuration issue where the required sockets might not be up and listening. This can be confirmed by checking the hosts /proc/net/tcp
by running the command

cat /proc/net/tcp

on the agent's host and checking if the missing sockets have an entry or not.

I'm having the same issue with the VMware vsphere integration for Elastic Agent when trying to collect syslog messages via the tcp input.
"failed to get tcp stats from /proc: /proc/net/tcp entry not found for [00000000:2535]"
I have not found an entry for this socket in the output of cat /proc/net/tcp.
Any further advice?