Elastic Cloud and kibana.yml

Hello everyone,

This might seem like a trivial question but I cannot find any documentation on it online.

I am running a trial version of Elastic Cloud and I need to use custom region maps: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/regionmap.html

This means that I have to modify kibana.yml with a few region map settings, like I am able to do in a on-premise cluster.

Looking at the possible settings I can apply to a cloud cluster, I only see elasticsearch.yml available:

So in summary, how can I use custom region maps in Kibana hosted on Elastic Cloud?

Thank you,

hi @georgezo,

you won't be able to modify the kibana.yml on Cloud, so custom Region Maps can't be configured in that deployment.

This is what I was afraid of :cry:
Are there any plans to support region maps in elastic cloud then or even better host regions maps within kibana itself? With no machine learning and custom maps in the cloud I find it impossible to move from on-premise to cloud hosting...

Thank you,

Hi @georgezoto,

I know :frowning:

there's plans to support Region Maps in Cloud, so please stay tuned for that. I am not sure about timeline for ML, so I cannot really speak to that part.

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