Is it possible to use our own custom built kibana in Elastic Cloud?


Can someone point me to documentation for how we can use a custom built kibana in Elastic Cloud?
We are building our own tweaked kibana in Gitlab Cloud, and don't mind building any type of container if necessary.


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No, you cannot do this sorry.

What you might be able to do however, is stand up your own version of Kibana on an ECS host or in Amazon's container service and just configure it to point to your Elasticsearch instance in your Elastic Cloud.

Actually no you can not do that anymore That was supported up to 7.x but now I understand in 8.x that is not supported. It has to do with the ability of assigning a different .kibana index which is no longer supported.

What you can do and it is not trivial is set up your own kibans plus elasticsearch node and then configure cross cluster search between your self. Managed cluster and your your Elastic Cloud cluster.

This is quite difficult to set up but it does work.

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