Custom Kibana build on 8.x version with Elastic Cloud

We are trying to deploy custom kibana build of 8.x release & connect to an existing elastic cloud deployment. How can we accomplish that?

We are using Elastic Cloud connected to GCP currently. We also have an internal on-prem deployment. We want to move away from on-prem to cloud still using our custom kibana build.

Hi @Venkatesh_Guruprasad

Apologies but....

Today we do not support deploying customized Kibana into Elastic Cloud.

Today we also do not support connecting a self managed Kibana directly to Elastic Cloud running 8.x. (in 7.x there was a way to run more than .kibana index and that has been deprecated )

You could open a support ticket to see if there would be some exception for your case, but I would not set the expectation that will be supported. I would contact support and see what they say.

I have already opened the support ticket. We were told by your accounting this path to use custom kibana is possible when we bought the on-prem license. We will see where we end up with that shortly. This was one of the pre-requisites for our on-prem enterprise license purchase

Your best option is to work with your Support and account rep to sort this out, we aren't able to help with this sorry.

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