[Elastic Cloud/ Elasticsearch service] Latest change to Elasticsearch configuration failed


ELK 7.9.1

After a long weekend ... Have noticed something on our current deployment on Elastic Cloud/ Elasticsearch service. The below health warning as been issued and I am a little confused as to yet at the moment.

All aspects of ELK, from the indexes to life-cycle polices are still working and still be seen via Kibana. All Elasticsearch instances are working and not showing any errors or signs of struggle at all!

Is there a page or a troubleshooting guide on this? or as a reply to this post on the same issue, is to contact the support team?
Would this error be related to ILM set ups? or User account set ups from Kibana?

Thank you!

You should reach out to the Support team on this, it looks like it was an internal change for some reason.

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Hey @warkolm,
Thank you for your help.
Got in contact with support. All is well now, I reverted to a previous elasticsearch were the status was healthy and so far so good!
A point out about this that has been noted is that this could happen at any time when the underlying host goes down in the cloud provider.

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