Elastic Cloud performance data in Stack Monitoring

Are there any plans to have the performance metrics from the Elastic Cloud deployment interface available in Stack Monitoring? The graphs in the deployment interface are small and not very useful, it's also not possible to alert on things like CPU credits. The stats seem to be different too, for example the CPU stats don't match.

I would also like to see the node size and tier in Stack Monitoring, right now I'm just guessing what the node does and have to swap between the cloud management interface and Stack Monitoring.

The way the two graphs get generated is fairly different. Stack Monitoring shows what's reported by Elasticsearch directly where as the Elastic Cloud UI is mostly based on the container runtime metrics.

I've confirmed that we have an enhancement request open for this, but I'm not aware of any near-term plans to try to align the views.

If have any specific point of confusion comparing the two, please reach out to Elastic Cloud support and they can help cross-check the metrics for you.

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