Elastic Cloud Pricing Question

Hi there,
I was reading this article:

and I have a question to better understand the pricing mode.

Let us say I have choose (as stated in the example) a “Compute Optimized” profile.
This means in the first place more cpus - that is fine.
But what does it mean: For what consumption do I ACTUALLY pay for?
What I think is:
I have to pay for the actual disk space.
I have to pay for the cpu consumption.
So these metrics get monitored and I pay on a 'comsume basis'?
Would please someone from Elastic just clarify this in detail - I just want to understand it correctly.
Thanks guys!!

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Hi @smm Good Question... I will attempt to answer / clarify.

Pay only for the resources you use

Whether you are using Elastic Cloud or deploying self-managed Elastic software, the core pricing meter for Elastic is based on the underlying resources consumed to run your use case.

No that is not correct, hopefully this helps clarify

What this means when you deploy an Elasticsearch cluster at that point you are consuming Elastic Stack Resources those resources are Elastic Stack component (data nodes, kibana nodes, machine learning nodes etc..).

Elastic Stack Component are Sized / Consumed by RAM Allocation. With that RAM Allocation come appropriate CPU and Persistent Storage. These are based on the predefined HW profiles as mentioned in the article.

To be clear at the point you deploy the resources you are "consuming" them in their entirety and will start paying the full hourly rate whether you actually use the components or not,

You will pay the full hourly rate whether you are actively reading / writing documents or not, whether you are using 0% CPU or 80% CPU or 5% Disk or 80% Disk. You will pay the full hourly rate.

Also To be clear there is "No Pausing" of resources you will pay for the resources whether you are actively using them or they are just sitting idle.

Also there are Data Transfer and Storage Costs as discussed in the article you referenced.

Using the pricing calculator found here

For Example if I deploy
1 x 2GB x 3AZs Hot Nodes = 6GB RAM Hot Total
1 x 1GB x 1 AZ Kibana = 1 GB Kibana

The hourly rate will be $0.2196 per hour.
You will be charged $0.2196 whether you actively use that cluster or not.
Charges are calculated hourly,, rounding up to the nearest hour.

Hope this helps.
BTW we are not all guys :slight_smile:

Dear stephenb,
thank you very much for the clarifications!!

'BTW we are not all guys' - yep, you are right and sorry, I did not mean any disrespect.
English is not my mother language. I thought 'guys' had a 'general' meaning for all sexes in this context. Learned something new!

kind regards

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