Elastic cloud Service logstash?


I an see that I am able to create logstash Pipelines in Elastic cloud service however I cannot find any documentation about:

What is the logstash endpoint?
How are the Ressources assigned to the logstash Pipelines? Are they shared with elastic nodes?

Can you link me the documentation Part in case I have overlooked?


Logstash is not part of Elasticsearch Service. You can manage your Logstash pipeline through the centralised pipeline management Centralized Pipeline Management | Logstash Reference [8.5] | Elastic, but you will have to deploy and configure your own Logstash instances.

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probably you are looking for ingest pipelines

I was refering to the logstash pipelines, not elasticsearch ingest pipelines:

I remeber that there is no logstash integration in Elastic Cloud yet, but I was just surprised that I could create a Logstash Pipeline there without any errors or anything that indicates that I need to have a connection configured to my own logstash instances. Since it is long time that I have tested Elastic Cloud I wondered if they have integrated logstash there now. However it looks like it is the logstash pipeline management UI that @hendry.lim mentioned.

ok yes with this pipeline logstash you can create a centralized pipeline for the logstash instances that are working for you deployment

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