Elastic Cloud Service Selection

Hi, after messing around with AWS's Elasticsearch service, my colleagues and I have decided to try a different approach.

This was due to AWS's service not supporting CSV files reporting.
We came across the Elastic Cloud service and found it very suitable to our needs.

However, our only concern is the performance, we're not planning on running heavy processes, but rather use the service simply as a database and being able to extract CSV files remotely.

We plan on storing approximately 10GB~ (maybe more later on) of data and the matter of this topic is to figure out whether the simplest service (the one with a 16$ monthly cost) will support this in terms of memory (if it could also support creating some dashboards it would be great)

If not, which service will be best suitable?

Thank you

It should be fine for what you want. You can always scale up and back down easily with the service too :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick reply!

One more question if it is not a problem.

In terms of payment, is the price calculated by hourly use (i.e. I can turn the service on and off at will and not be charged when its off) or rather it is constantly on and therefore I will pay a global price based on my type of machine.

It's per hour.

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