Storage cost for Elastic Cloud


I'd like to find out how storage cost works with Elastic Cloud.
I've noticed that charges are per GB/RAM/hour, but there is no mention of storage.

e.g. if I need 8TB storage, 64GB ram per node, how much it will cost me for the data node?

The price includes the storage costs.

thanks dadoonet for the reply. If that's the case, how much storage do I get, e.g. if I go for 64GB of ram?

It depends on which kind of profile you are using.

hi dadoonet,

I must have missed some info from elastic website as I cannot find any other info.
I was referring to this for cost as that's the only page I can find.

Can you please point me to the right direction for more info, e.g. profiles that you just mentioned?

Not sure what is available from AWS marketplace. If possible it's better IMO to use where you get all options (including deploying on other cloud providers).

Here is the calculator :

thank you for the URL.

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