Elastic clustering

Does Elasticsearch supports OS level clustering ? If it is so please provide a related document to refer it. We want that filebeat directly send an input to VIP. We are using 6.2.2 ELK stack.

There is no need, because Elasticsearch clusters form at the application level.

The traffic from Filebeat into Elasticsearch is HTTP, so one simple way to achieve this is using a HTTP load balancer listening on the VIP.

Thank you David. In our environment filebeat is sending the data to the logstash from different sources. Also a whole ELK is installed on a same server. We got 2 servers for now as a purpose of doing clustering . So, we would have 2 ELK's at the end. Now, If we use HTTP load balancer listening on the VIP, How logstash is going to flow the output (parsed data) to the elasticsearch ? In a random manner or in a synchronized manner? I mean to ask is would I be able to access the same data on both ELK nodes or data would be distributed among those 2 ELKS?
Please guide regarding this.

I don't know what you mean by "2 ELKs". Do you mean you will have a 2-node Elasticsearch cluster? The term "ELK" is ambiguous here.

You can write data to any node in a cluster and it will be routed correctly.

Yes, you can access the same data from any node in a cluster.

Yes, Elasticsearch distributes the data amongst the nodes in the cluster in an intelligent fashion.

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