Elastic Controls show error - Not Found

This is probably a basic question and something I am doing wrong.

I am trying to create some Controls to filter my search. However, the Controls only seems to show data when its set to Filter Type "Number", "string, IP" show An error occurred - Not Found
I know there is data for Action (which is firewall logs for event.action field)

Any help is appreciated


That looks like a legit bug. Few questions for you.

  1. Is Action of type string,IP?
  2. Which version of the stack you are on?
  3. Could you please post the full screenshot of the error message after you click "View more"
  4. Do you see any error in the browser console?


cc @Hannah_Mudge

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Hi Bhavya,
Action is type string.
Version is 8.9.2
I don't see an error anywhere else on the screen
Here is screenshot, simply says not found

@rj6578 Hey, Ray!

I am unable to recreate this, so I'll need some more information :slight_smile:

  1. Based on that screenshot, I believe there should be a more robust error in your browser console (on Chrome, you can see your browser console by pressing F12). If you could send this, that would help a lot in diagnosing the problem!
  2. You say your field is of type "string" but this is not a supported ES type - can you please provide exactly how that field is mapped? (i.e. keyword, nested, etc.)

You could also try deleting that control and recreating it - perhaps something weird happened where it can no longer find the field?

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