Elastic down when I ask for more than 6 days

Morning team.

Actually, I have a problem with my ElasticStack. I have crashes on my main elastic search when i ask in grafana dashboards for more than 6 days.

The memory and CPU is high but Ive increased the CPU and mem unsuccessfully. In logs Ive seen some error about GC and I need help to locate the issue for queries with a weeks time.
Now, I have 5 servers Elasticsearch with 4 CPU, 15GB mem(7G for heap)
"active_primary_shards" : 467
"active_shards" : 468

Maybe, I need to decrease the primary shards...


Yea, that are a lot of shards. Try to merge or delte them. Look here: Link.
Also, why grafana and not kibana?

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It is a bad "habit" in my company. I`m triying to change from Grafana to Kibana.


Trying to merge the shards... nope.
I will try to delete some shards because the merge has not solved the issue with the mem.

How large are your shards and indices?

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