Elastic ECE Dead master - Security Cluster Not available

Our master tiebreaker node went offline and was not recoverable and the host has been destroyed. I have added a new master/tie breaker node and migrated the logging-metrics and admin-console-elasticserach clusters to the new master/tie breaker node.

The security cluster however will not let go of the association to the older master/tie breaker node and thinks that the security cluster if offline. (See message below)

My question is, how do I let the security cluster know that the old master node is dead and that it should use the new master node when the cluster thinks that it is offline?

{"ok":false,"message":"The requested cluster is currently unavailable"}

Trying to understand exactly what happened here

Was the security cluster a single instance ES cluster running on an allocator which died?

(If it was a 3 instance cluster it shouldn't have gone down due to the loss of 1 allocator - unless one of the other instances was already down)

Did the "move nodes" not work? If not, then you could stop the cluster and restart it (but unless you have snapshots set up, you will lose all your existing settings)


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