Elastic endpoint Could not communicate with Checking API will retry

Hello everybody,

I am trying elastic endpoint from code source and I am getting this error:

Could not communicate with Checking API will retry, error: fail to checkin to fleet: Post "https://@IP_KIBANA:5601/api/ingest_manager/fleet/agents/**enrollement_key**/checkin?": net/http: request canceled (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

I tried it on windows and Linux and have the same issue
To configure it I run the below commands:

for windows:

.\elastic-agent enroll --certificate-authorities ca.crt https://@ip_KIBANA:5601 @enrollment token

and for linux:

elastic-agent enroll --certificate-authorities ca.crt https://@ip_KIBANA:5601 @enrollment token
systemctl enable elastic-agent
systemctl start elastic-agent

I am using elasticsearch and kibana 8.0.0

Im also dealing with the same issue. I can communicate initially but eventually the check command fails and shutdown the elastic agent.

hello @mikemitchell,

For me I found the issue, it was my bad cause I was trying it in a VM and it the network adapter was configured in bridge mode
if it's not the case for you, make sure that your firewall doesn't block your packets

Best regards


Thanks for the response.

On my side, the initial connections are succesfully but over time the checkin endpoint fails and stops the services. When I curl the checkin service on the Kibana Fleet endpoint, I get a response stating the service is not found.

I had once the same issue, but even with chekin problems it works for me, after I enrolled the agent I had just to restart the windows machine and then I began receiving endpoint data

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